Frequently Asked Questions

Do i  need prescription before  purchasing from your site ?

No you do not need any prescription to buy from our website but we recommend you to consult with your doctor before you use any purchase from our site so that you don’t harm your self .

Frequently Asked Questions.I don’t think it to be safe to place the order online?

No need to be confused about it if you have any concern about it please contact us via live chat for quick response or click the contact us button on our home page  please write us with all your queries you will be replied by our representative. 

At what time can i place an order?

We are working 24*7 you can call ,text or write us anytime, you will be replied shortly.

How would you deliver the product?

The shipment of the product will be via Priority mail, GHL and UPS considered to be the safest and the fastest one, overnight shipping and same day delivery also available.

Do I need to talk to any doctor before i make any purchase?

No you don’t need to talk to any doctor before you make any purchase on our site . You can simply choose which product you want to buy and fill your form.write us via live chat for quick response

Do you have money back guarantee in case you have an issue regarding package?

Yes 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with product or packaging send any question. But our customers are always satisfied with our products quality and shipping services.

If we do not want our details to be mentioned in national database want it to be confidential? can you help

Do not worry about that we keep it in our pharmacy record only won’t go to national database we keep it more private and confidential.

Which payment option do I have to make a payment?

We accept all major and secured payment options like  PayPal,Bitcoin, credit card/debit card.